Help us!!!!! 
You enjoy this software, and you are a little bit a kamikaze????Great!!! 

You can help us, but why???
As you know money is essential and if we want to develop this soft on other platforms (tab, phone, we must register and it's not free)and we don't have a lot of money, so you can help us clicking on this commercial, it's free ( except your time) Thanks!!!
You like blue screens, crashes, and things not working anymore, you are on the good page : 
This is the current and beta version of the soft, bug, strange behaviour and many weird things are present!!!
So take three minutes to explain us the bugs and strange thnings, and if you have two seconds send us the debug.txt C:\\user\\Totof\\Appdata\\Roaming\\Odyssea-BETA
Thanks!!! Ask by email to get the last executable file, I'll send it to you!!!

Odyssea Media Center